Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

How to boil cooking healthy water to drink

The spreading of the season and the instant culture in our country such as bottled water and gallon water, which offers ease has eroded healthy habits inherited by our elderly parents, such as boiling own drinking water to be consumed by our extended family.

Like water gallons or refill drinking water that the process has been shot ultra violet rays that supposedly he was able to kill the bacteria contained therein. The question is, is it only with ultraviolet light that the iron and lime content in water can be eliminated? I do not think it's that simple, although it's done a couple of sieves though.

We still have to standby together considering the lime and iron or metal is very dangerous if it often enters our body. The effects caused by too much precipitation of lime and iron in the body are bladder stones and kidney damage.

One of the tips to reduce the limestone contained in water is to boil it until boiling and to reduce the metal / iron is to precipitate water for several days until the brownish yellow settles at the bottom.


1. Clean pot.
2. Clean water.
3. Wood stove, kerosene stove or gas stove.
4. Electric heating device (But do not overuse water boilers from this electricity).

Here's how to boil water for a healthy drink:
1. Pour clean water into the pan until it is almost full and cover with a lid.
2. Put the pan over the stove or stove.
3. Turn on the stove or stove with a large fire.
4. For wood stoves use firewood that is durable, and not a lot of wood smoke, because it will affect the taste of drinking water.
5. Wait until the boiling water is marked by the appearance of bubbles of water.
6. Need to REMEMBER! Allow for 10 minutes or better 15 minutes to keep the germs and cholera virus in the water completely dead.
7. Turn off the heat and let stand, or lift and place it in a safe place.
8. Allow the water to cool.
9. Filter the water to separate the chalk and iron in the boiled water.

After the water cools down, the chalky substances contained in the water will be separated by themselves. Some are settling and some are floating.

Once filtered - the boiled water was safe for drinking.

Healthy drinking water is marked with no taste, no smell and no color.

Additional suggestions; Minimize the lack of water in the packaging of glass or bottle packaging because it is a lot of facts drinking water packaging is not good if drunk in a long time and continuously.