Sabtu, 04 Maret 2017

Why I Want to continue on University?

This is Introduce of myself

I'm Sihol Agustoper Panjaitan,you can call me Sihol or Holl. I'm a student  from University Tanjungpura, Faculty Mathematics and Natural Sciences, chemistry study program. I'm live in Jl. Natuna, Kota Baru, South Pontianak. My hobby is reading, cooking and fishing. I'm like something about natural energy.

Why I`m continue to University? and Why I'm choose University Tanjungpura?. 
Honestly, I'm not want to continue in University. But, My big family press with for want continue in to university. I'm choose the University Tanjungpura, because this is the best state university in west borneo and I like this university.

Why I`m choose chemistry study program on Faculty Mathematics and Natural Sciences?

I'm like something about natural energy because this is the reason why my choose is chemistry program study on Faculty mathematics and natural science. I have a dreams, someday I'm can change the energy in the world to more natural energy through with my research, I hope this can be true someday.

Okay thinks that all my story about my life why i'm continue on university. Thank you so much for your time to read my blog and see you next time.