Jumat, 17 Maret 2017


Hey..., good night
This is my second post..m as the title of this post about my time on my existing skills

When someone asks me what your skill?, this question is quite difficult for me,
although not a difficult question, it still makes me confused question to answer. This is because, I did not have the skills that are so prominent to be addressed.

I love to write, debate and public speaking, although I do not often do that, because they are not one of my hobbies, but I always tried to train my second skill is to be useful. I love writing since junior high school, I wanted to write short stories and poetry even if I never publish. Writing in my opinion is one way to express knowledge, dreams, and my opinion. Currently I still love to write, write scientific papers though rarely. I could win the regional level. I wish I could change the world or around the world with my writing, although it still took a long stage.

I love debating and public speaking recently, I think the debate or public speaking is a skill that must be owned by a student. Debate and speaking in public is one of my ways of expression because writing alone is still not enough in my opinion, because it is still a few people who actually like to read. I still practice my expertise in this area so that was really nice.

OK., so perhaps the story of the expertise that I have, I think everyone has potential, talent and expertise of each. any expertise you have developed and continue to practice it to be useful for others.

see you next time....