Minggu, 02 April 2017

Imagine If Life Without Machine!!

hey., how are you?
glad, I could go back to write something in my blog
my third post is about the role of machines in our lives
I hope you like..

Most objects that there in our life and helped we at our life everyday have a machine for can to operate, like motorcycle, bus, car, train, ship and air plane in transportation field. Just imagine if we life without objects this, I'm sure our life will not easy., we will not be easy to travel quickly to different places and away, if it could it definitely take a long time compared to using a machine. This is a small example of the application of machines in one area of life, we know machine there is in various life field. laptops in technology field, handphone in communication field, incubator in medical field and others, all this is a machine that very helps us at this time.

Do you know, of which the origin or history of the machine that gives you the ease of today?., you may not know, or know some. We should be grateful because by the inventors it was his, we can enjoy the convenience - the convenience provided by the machines now. Our job is to keep the machine can still make it easy for us without screwing.

okay so from me.,
see you again....